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Backrooms Not Alone

Backrooms Not Alone is a video game based on the theme of backrooms wanting to take up the concept.

The specialty of this game is that it is a multiplayer only game.

The levels are managed randomly thanks to seeds.

Server configuration

Basic server configuration

Server Tick Rate : 30

Max Connections ON SERVER : 30

Port : 7777

First method : Localhost

You can play locally, there is no need to open ports IF it's on the same local network.

Afterwards, if you want your friend to join you by hosting directly in your game, you can disable your firewalls, but above all set up a port that will link the communication between you and your friend.

Second method : Dedicated Server

Do you have your own machine ?

Do you already know how to do everything ?

It's perfect, we have 2 types of server available, Linux or Windows, just download our launcher and launch it.

Be careful not to forget to open your ports.

Third method : VPS

Same of Dedicated Server

Ko-fi : https://ko-fi.com/maxime66410

Discord : https://discord.gg/XC8URH8JSn

Telegram : https://t.me/FurranyStudio


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backrooms-not-alone-1.1.zip 412 MB
server-linux-backrooms-not-alone-server-linux1.1.zip 420 MB
backrooms-not-alone-server-windows-1.1.zip 412 MB

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